Shengavit /Catalogue/ The Catalogue presents the entire archeological material of Shengavit, an exceptional monument of the Early Bronze Age, that is kept in the History Museum of Armenia and is in great demand among the archeologists and specialists in the History and Culture of the Ancient Near East./in Russian/

  Appeal to Posterity The album-catalogue Appeal to Posterity presents testimonies of the genocide eye-witnesses with original photographs, rare photographs of the deportation and banishment, collecting orphans and repatriation, exceptional photographs witnessing the once peaceful life of banished families with accompanying texts in Armenian and English.

  Ani: The Millennial Capital Of Armenia The album-catalogue entitled "Ani: the Millennial Capital of Armenia" includes reproductions made from the 120-year-old glass-plates representing the architecture of Ani and examples from the archeological collection of Ani with their passport data, historical essays and anlytical texts referring to the material in Armenian and English.

  Artsakh “Know Your Country”series , /album-catalogue / Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2015.