“The Magic of Jewellery”

The educational program “The Magic of Jewellery” is intended for secondary school students. Participants will get acquainted with the exhibition entitled “Fragments of Identity. Adornment”, the practical and magical significance of the exhibits. Then, the program participants will be provided with accessories and artificial stones: coral, amber, agate, gold and silver beads, for making jewellery. […]

 “Embroidery and Fashion: the old in a new interpretation”

The educational program “Embroidery and Fashion: the old in a new interpretation” is envisaged for those who are 18 and older. Within the framework of the project, the participants  get acquainted with the embroidery specimen chosen from the museum collection, and its elements in the modern fashion trends. The specialist teaches them Armenian embroidery skills according to the […]

Clay Hands

Within the framework of the “Clay Hands” educational program, children of secondary school age will be provided with a copy of a museum object and get acquainted with the history of pottery, after which they will try to make the object themselves. Then, the children will have an opportunity to work on the wheel, make any pottery they want.

“Get to Know Your Country by Costumes”

The History Museum of Armenia offers a series of educational programs within the framework of the “Fragments of Identity: Costume” exhibition. As part of the “Get to Know Your Country by Costumes” educational program, 12-14-year-old children get acquainted with the regional features and peculiarities of the exhibits, and  symbols; then, they play games-puzzles, correctly arranging […]