… Holy Mother of God,

The messenger of people, cherub with living flesh,

The queen of heaven.

Immaculate as air, pure as light …

Help me, using the wings of your prayers,

You, confessable Mother of the living…

– Grigor Narekatsi

The Exhibition presents historically formed reflections of the cult of the Mother of God from the early Christian period to the 18th century.

Virgin Mary /Mother of God, Mother of Lord/ – the Armenian Apostolic, Catholic and Orthodox Churches revere Her as Virgin Mary or Mother of God. The worship of the Virgin especially increased after the council of Ephesus in 431, for the Virgin was viewed as an intercessor between the Son of God and people, and the “expression the Virgin Theotokos was officially  established as part of the Doctrine”.(Archbishop Geregin Hovsepyan)

The exhibition presents:

  • “The Virgin and Child” fragments of sculptural reliefs on early medieval four-sided stelaes, Khachkars, Churces
  • The fragments of iconographical theme of Hodegetria – the Virgin seated with Jesus in Her lap (Dvin 5th – 6th centuries, Odzun church of the Holy Virgin 6th – 7th centuries)
  • The fragments of iconographical theme of Deesis /Prayer/ (Kecharis Monastery 1280s, Spitakavor Church of the Holy Virgin in Vayots Dzor 13th century)
  • Column of a four-sided stele, 4th – 5th centuries, Karmrakar, Shirak

Photographs: Hrair Hawk Khacherian, Vram Hakobyan