Along with sculpture and miniature painting, carpets are one of the best manifestations of the distinct culture of the Armenian people. Armenian carpets are ornamented “texts”, in which the sanctified symbols of our ancestors’ beliefs, worship and religious notions, coming from the depths of millennia, have been preserved.

Armenian carpets adhere to traditions. Imitation and representation of the same ornament-ideogram in countless variations of style and colour comprise the basis of every new carpet. In this respect, the characteristic feature of the Armenian carpet is the exultation of variation, especially in colour.

The Exhibition presents:

  • classical examples of the 14th-20th-century Armenian carpets from nearly all historical and ethnographical regions of Armenia: Vaspourakan, Sebastia, Shirak, Syunik, Artsakh, Utik, Javakhk, Gegharkunik, Kharberd, Cilicia, Nakhijevan, Parskahayk, etc.
  • clay, bronze and wooden objects of the 3rd -1st millennia BC, as well as masterpieces of medieval Armenian sculpture, the ornaments and ideograms of which are found in carpet art and confirm the indissoluble connection of Armenian carpets with the origins.