Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum.  /Vol. III. Anonymous Folles. Class A/ History Museum of Armenia Hasmik Hovhannisyan, Yerevan, 2016․ – 284 pages /Armenian-English/ _ This volume includes the Byzantine anonymous class A folles (c. 969 - c. 1028) from the collection of the History Museum of Armenia, most of which have been found in Armenia. The catalogue contains 1216 coins. The book is published in Armenian and  English.

  Shengavit /Catalogue/ The Catalogue presents the entire archeological material of Shengavit, an exceptional monument of the Early Bronze Age, that is kept in the History Museum of Armenia and is in great demand among the archeologists and specialists in the History and Culture of the Ancient Near East./in Russian/

  Throes of Birth of the Armenians | A-Do (H. Ter-Martirosian) Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2014, 652 p. “Throes of Birth of the Armenians” by historian, economist-statistician and publicist A-Do (Hovhannes Ter-Martirosian, 1867-1954) represents his evidence and observations on the events of 1914-1918, which were decisive for the political destiny of the Armenian people.  The author’s manuscript has been published for the first time.  The book is envisaged for historians and readers [...]

  The Christian Oriental Carpet | Volkmar Gantzhorn Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2013, 536 pages. _ The Christian Oriental Carpet: A Presentation of its Development, Iconologically and Iconographically, from its Beginnings to the 18th Century (translated from German into Armenian by Hrachya Stepanyan) In his fundamental monograph, Volkmar Gantzhorn examines the history of the origins and development of Oriental carpets. Basing himself on rich historical and bibliographical material, [...]

  The Ancient Iconography of Mother of God In the monograph Z. A. Tarayan has studied the historically formed oldest reflections of the cult of the Mother of God, as the early forms of religious manifestations, mainly reconstructed according the fine art materials provided by the Museum of History of Armenia. /in Russian/

  E. Bayburtyan The Sequence of the Ancient Cultures of Armenia on the Basis of Archaeological Material Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2011 /in Russian/

  Early Medieval Four-Sided Stelae in Armenia Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2012. _ The monograph “Early Medieval Four-Sided Stelae in Armenia” is the first complex study where 252 four-sided stelae from Armenia, Western Armenia (Turkey), Georgia and Nagorny Karabagh have been brought together. With the 89 stelae published so far, 163 more four-sided stelae have been put into scientific circulation for the first time: among the are the 26 stelae unknown so far and discovered by the au [...]

  Armenian amulets of XVIII-XX cc. | A.Israelyan Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2012, 224 pages. This study aims to shed light on the eclectic amulet collection in the History Museum of Armenia, namely natural and artificial intriguing objects of charms used or worn in the XVIII-XX cc. It is the first attempt not only to bond the Armenian amulets with the diverse cults and popular beliefs but also to reveal their functions and purposes in everyday life and rituals. the book is expected [...]

  Sylloge Nummorum Romanorum Armenia Vol. I, Roman Republic | R. Vardanyan Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 2011. With this volume, the History Museum of Armenia starts to publish its numismatic collection in Sylloge format. The catalogue contains a description of 463 coins in Armenian and in English, and the photographs of these coins. The enlarged images of countermarks, punch-marks and graffiti are represented in the additional four plates. The boo is supplemented with indices.

  N. Avagian Armenian Folk Costumes in the 19th-20th cc. Yerevan, History Museum of Armenia, 1983 / in Armenian /