Two narrative scenes are represented in embroidery on a quadrangular piece of fine silk cloth of white colour.  The scene of Christ’s Resurrection is depicted on one half of the cover.
In the foreground of the domed temple symbolizing Jerusalem are the myrrh-bringing women who came to the grave of Jesus and saw the empty grave in surprise.  Two of the women hold chalices with the myrrh for anointment in their hands, the third women holds a scroll-like object.

On the left is the empty grave with the Armenian letter “¾” standing for Echmiadzin.  An angel sitting near the grave points upwards where resurrected Jesus Christ in floating cloak soars in luminous rays, holding a gonfalon in his left hand.  Jesus is moustached and bearded, with long hair covering his shoulders; he has a halo on his head.  His right side is pierced; traces of nails are seen on his palm and foot.

The second half of the cover depicts the Agnus Dei holding a gonfalon in a radiant circle.  The dated inscription in two lines in the centre is about donating the cover to St. Echmiadzin.

Collection : Ethnographic collection

Exposition : Treasures of the Armenian Church

Period : Modern Era

Era : 1823

Location : Diaspora Communities

Place : Constantinople

Material : Silk

Inventar # : 8554