Five identical ornaments are embroidered in many-coloured silk threads and gold metal thread on the two ends of the white towel.  The roundish composition in the centre of a boat-like image in colourful/many-coloured   threads is surrounded with coniferous branches, flowers and leaves.   [...]

The apron has a remarkable composition with an image of a cross adorned with flowers in the centre, which is framed by images of equal-armed crosses and stars.  The carpet-like composition is outlined  by a band of many-coloured lozenges.  Images of flowery sprouts symbolizing fertility [...]

The velvet dress consists of two parts. The bust is open and it has buttons. Both parts have vegetal patterns in many colours. The lining is made of white cotton cloth. Collection : Ethnographic collection Exposition : Armenian Traditional Costume 18th – 19th cc. Period : Modern Era Era  [...]

The unique outfit is made of green velvet is embroidered in gold thread. Double snakes-dragons and stylized trees of life are luxuriously embroideredon the two fronts and sleeves. The inner dress is made of sky blue silk decorated with embroidered branches and baskets and edges with lace [...]

Episodes from the life of Christ - the Annunciation, the Baptism and the Adoration of the Magi -  are embroidered on the light greenish foundation.  The scenes are divided from each other by columns, the capitals of which are decorated with the heads of winged angels. Collection : Ethnog [...]

The flat-woven carpet that consists of one complete piece is made in the complex technique of twining.  Images of big dragons in four rows decorate the surface of the flat-weaving.  The scales of the body of the dragons, their eyes and tails are emphasized.  Images of two-headed birds ar [...]

The woman-shaped vessel, with a face, has  handles that rest  on the upper part of the belly.  The woman’s nose is onlaid, her eyes and mouth are made of pieces of faience. The two strings of her necklace, her belt and her arms are incrusted with pieces of faience.  In the centre of the [...]

Two narrative scenes are represented in embroidery on a quadrangular piece of fine silk cloth of white colour.  The scene of Christ’s Resurrection is depicted on one half of the cover. In the foreground of the domed temple symbolizing Jerusalem are the myrrh-bringing women who came to th [...]

The carpet has a rich ornamental design.  Stylized images of a frog, a symbol of fertility, fill the entire carpet field in bright red, black and white.  The wide border is decorated with solar images. Collection : Ethnographic collection Exposition : Armenian Carpets Period : Contempora [...]

The main ornamental motif in the composition is the tree of life with apple-bearing branches.  The principal image appears three times along the vertical axis of the carpet.  The whole surface is decorated with branches, leaves and rosettes.  On the upper end, the carpet foundation colou [...]