This exhibition presents an exceptional selection of about one thousand finds from archeological excavations that started more than 125 years ago and continue nowadays on the territory of Armenia (Satani Dar, Jraber, Kurtan, Metsavan, Aratashen, Masis, Dashtadem, Lusakert, etc).

The Exhibition presents:

  • hand choppers, axes, nuclei, scrapers, points, microliths and spear ends of the Acheulean (500 000 – 200 000 years ago), Mousterian and Mesolithic (10 000 – 9/8 000 BC) periods of the Paleolith that are actually contemporaries of the most important event, which occurred in the earliest human history: the appearance and formation of Homo sapiens sapiensis, man of present-day physical type
  • early specimens of pottery, metalwork and rock painting that started in the Neolithic-Aeneolithic period (9/8 000 – mid-4th millennium BC), evidencing the fact that the Armenian Highland together with Armenia Proper is a cradle of culture and civilization.