Five identical ornaments are embroidered in many-coloured silk threads and gold metal thread on the two ends of the white towel.  The roundish composition in the centre of a boat-like image in colourful/many-coloured   threads is surrounded with coniferous branches, flowers and leaves.  The towel ends have a row of cypresses alternated with a flower and a house above the linear pattern made in metal thread. Collection : Ethnographic collection Exposition : Period : Modern Era Era : end of the 19 [...]

Episodes from the life of Christ - the Annunciation, the Baptism and the Adoration of the Magi -  are embroidered on the light greenish foundation.  The scenes are divided from each other by columns, the capitals of which are decorated with the heads of winged angels. Collection : Ethnographic collection Exposition : Treasures of the Armenian Church Period : Modern Era Era : 1723 Location : Diaspora Communities Place : Smyrna Material : Silk Inventar # : 1726

Two narrative scenes are represented in embroidery on a quadrangular piece of fine silk cloth of white colour.  The scene of Christ’s Resurrection is depicted on one half of the cover. In the foreground of the domed temple symbolizing Jerusalem are the myrrh-bringing women who came to the grave of Jesus and saw the empty grave in surprise.  Two of the women hold chalices with the myrrh for anointment in their hands, the third women holds a scroll-like object. On the left is the empty grave with [...]