The examples of Armenian embroidery are connected with the traditional everyday life and costumes. The embroidered textiles and their original ornamental design with diverse compositional and colour solutions and versions are closely linked with other fields of Armenian art: sculpture, miniature painting, carpet-weaving and jewellery.

The well-known centres of Armenian embroidery Van-Vaspourakan, Karin, Shirak, Syunik-Artsakh and Cilicia, with their major and minor schools, are distinguished by favoured ornaments, colour combinations, rhythmic and stylistic features.

The Exhibition presents:

  • “labyrinth” tablecloths of Van decorated with the treatment of traditional ornamental forms, white thread covers and exquisite laces of Ayntap, and wall decorations, towels and napkins of Syunik
  • diverse embroidery techniques and stitches (Marash, Aintap, Van, Svaz, Urfa and others) that manifest perfect forms and wonderful variants
  • exceptional Armenian jewellery from Van: silver belts with buckles, adornments for the head, temple and forehead: crown-like, with baubled and crescent-shaped pendants, silver and gold necklaces.