History Museum of Armenia: Permanent Expositions

Proceedings and Catalogue of Exhibition

A Glance from the Bronze Age

Mandelstam’s Armenia. Armenian Photography 1878 – 1920

Sylloge Nummorum Byzantinorum. Armenia. Yerevan. History Museum of Armenia. Vol. III. Anonymous Folles. Class A.


Shengavit /Catalogue/


Appeal to Posterity

Ani: The Millennial Capital Of Armenia


Armenian Ceramics IX – XIII cc. Dvin, Ani

Armenian Costume XVIII – XIX cc.

Throes of Birth of the Armenians

Vayoc Dzor

Volkmar Gantzhorn “The Christian Oriental Carpet..”

Armenian Carpet Art XVIII-XX cc.

A Time To Gather Stones


Armenian Carpet Art XVII-XX cc.

The Ancient Iconography of Mother of God

The Eternity of Writing


The Sequence of the Ancient Cultures of Armenia on the Basis of Archaeological Material

Dvin. an Armenian Capital Between Europe and Asia


Carpets Inscribed in Armenian

A Glance from the Bronze Age




Early Medieval Four-Sided Stelae in Armenia

Armenian Amulets of XVIII-XX cc

Sylloge Nummorum Romanorum Armenia Vol. I, Roman Republic

Armenian Folk Costumes in the 19th-20th cc.

Coin Circulation in Armenia in the 5th c. BC-14th c. AD

The Artik Necropolis (Catalogue)

Coin Hoards of Armenia

The Armenians of Zanguezur

The Ethnography of Sasun

Objects with Armenian Inscriptions

The Material Culture of Ancient Artik

The Monastery of Sanahin and its Inscriptions

Hovhannavank and its Inscriptions