On October 24, at 16:00, the History Museum of Armenia will host a lecture on the topic “The Culture of Jar Burials from the Antique Period of Armenia”, which will be conducted by Armine Gabrielyan, Ph.D., researcher of the Artsakh Heritage Research Group of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography NAS RA.

During the speech, the process and results of the research on the scientific topic carried out with the financial support of the RA Higher Education and Science Committee, the features of the jar burial rite, its characteristics, and the limits of its spread will be presented. The speaker will make a special reference to the jar burials found in the regions of the Republic of Armenia and the territory of the Republic of Artsakh, which are presented in the temporary exhibition “The Phenomenon of the Jar in the Funeral Rite: The Culture of Jar Burials in Antique Armenia” at the History Museum of Armenia.

Entrance with a museum ticket.