On May 25, within the framework of the festive events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia and the Heroic battles in May, the exhibition entitled “The First Republic of Armenia: a Retrospective of Hundred Years” opened at the History Museum of Armenia.
The purpose of this exhibition is to newly present the events of this important period in the Armenian history, which had a decisive significance for the establishment of our statehood.

The Exhibition presents:

– schematic maps of the heroic battles in May, list of the Armenian military units, photographs and personal belongings of the commanders of military units, group photographs of the participants of the battles and specimens of the used weapons.
– the governing bodies and statehood symbols of the First Republic, its first laws with factual data and other exhibits, the first tricolour flag of the Republic of Armenia, materials, representing the foreign relations of the Republic of Armenia, with the photographs of the first ambassadors, etc.