Altar Curtain

The altar curtain of the church is a quadrangular piece of green satin, with additions in red silk at the right and left borders, and sumptuous embroidery.
In the centre of the embroidered altar curtain of the church, Hripsimé, the saint virgin nun, is shown standing in the three-domed arch surrounded by floral ornamentation.  Her head is crowned, and has a halo.  Her hands are extended in the praying gesture.  There is an inscription around her head: “Saint virgin Hripsimé with the thirty-seven companions”.  On her right and left sides are her thirty-seven Christian companions who were martyred for faith.  The virgins are haloed, half-turned towards St. Hripsimé, their hands in the praying attitude.  They wear similar attire as Hripsimé’s. There is a commemorative inscription on donating the curtain to Pilipos Aghbaketsi, Catholicos of  All Armenians.

Collection : Ethnographic collection

Exposition : Treasures of the Armenian Church

Period : Modern Era

Era : 1653

Location : Armavir

Place : church of St. Hripsime

Material : Silk

Inventar # : 1728