Capital of a memorial column

The Virgin and Child are presented in frontal view on the west face, in the iconographic principle of Hodegetria.  Framing her face, the folds of her veil come down and cover her body.  Her right hand raised from under the cover is placed on the Child’s knee.  The Infant Christ is shown sitting in his mother’s lap, curl-headed, with large almond-shaped eyes, his right hand raised in blessing gesture and his left holding a Gospel.  The capital is quadrangular in section and has an opening in the center, where the winged cross to be erected on the memorial column was placed.

Collection : Archaeological collection

Exposition : Armenia in the 4th – 9th cc.

Period : Middle Ages

Era : 5th-6th centuries

Location : Ararat

Place : Dvin

Material : Stone

Inventar # : 2604-3