Dragon Carpet

In the Dizak province of Artsakh, in Togh, Hadrut, Khtsaberd and other settlements, large carpets with the image of a dragon were used until the beginning of the 20th century. The ancient image of the serpent-like dragon is perhaps known from the scenes found in the rock carvings of Armenia. This is an image of a large-bodied serpent-like dragon attacking an anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figure, embodying the sun, lightning. The images of the dragon snake are numerous in the petroglyphs of Armenia, on various objects of the Bronze Age, such as pottery, belts, seals, etc. The image of the dragon snake acquires new artistic forms in the Armenian medieval jewellery art: on architectural pillars, miniatures, frescoes, religious-ritual objects, rugs, etc. Traditions and epic stories, folk tales and riddles about dragon snakes come from the depths of centuries.

Collection : Ethnographic collection

Period : Modern Era

Era : Second half of the 19th century

Location : Hadrut

Material : Wool

Inventar # : 11178