In the centre of the necklace is a reddish-brown agate pendant (7 x 5 cm) of an irregular oval shape with a longitudinal hole for the thread. Biconical beads of cornelian are threaded on both sides of the ornament, then gold and cornelian beads of various forms are arranged in a symmetric sequence. The ornament ends in four strings of small hollow biconical beads made of gold. Two big hollow cylindrical beads that are embossed with granulation and bead separators are worthy of attention for the techniques of execution. The two separators of beads are unique in their type in the bead-string of the breast ornament. They are two-layered in structure and square in
form edged by a twisted motif. On the surface are rows of pyramid-shaped “running” spirals, in the centre of which a rosy cornelian is deeply mounted in a square setting.
The reverse sides of the squares show twelve tubes soldered in four rows for bead-string threads that comprise a part of the breast ornament.

Collection : Archaeological collection

Period : Middle Bronze Age

Era : 22nd-21st centuries BC

Location : Kotayk

Place : Karashamb

Material : gold, agate, cornelian

Inventar # : 2867-4