Sculptural group with a chariot

A two-wheeled chariot with a pair of horses in dynamic motion is on a quadrangular platform. The horses are slender-waisted with longish muzzles, high manes and long tails. The wheels of the chariot are spoked; the chariot's body is light. Two long-necked and flat-faced figures armed with daggers are shown standing on the chariot body. One of them has a helmet topped with a feathery crest on his head. The sculptural group on
the platform is placed on a stand with an anchor-shaped base. The platform is hollow; its sides are decorated with triangular openings. Bronze jingling globules have been preserved inside. The sculpture served as a standard and evil-impeding amulet, being fixed in the front part of a chariot or a couch. Bronze cast.

Collection : Archaeological collection

Period : Late Bronze Age

Era : 15th-14th centuries BC

Location : Lori

Place : Lori-Berd

Material : bronze

Inventar # : 2728-12