Shield with an inscription of King Rusa I

It is a round shield, conical in the centre. Images of lions and bulls are chased on three concentric ornamental bands of the surface. Handles are nailed to the opposite side of the shield. On the brim edge of the shield is one line of cuneiform inscription, which is partially damaged. The inscription is as follows: “Rusa, son of Sarduri, presented this shield to god Khaldi, the Lord. Rusa, son of Sarduri, with the greatness of Khaldi, is a mighty king, a great king, king of the land of Biainil, the lord of the city of Tushpa.”

Collection : Archaeological collection

Era : 735- 714 BC

Location : Yerevan

Place : Karmir Blour

Material : Bronze

Inventar # : 2303-10