Statuette of a woman-idol

The statuette represents a deity patronizing fertility. She is shown sitting with her gaze fixed upwards. Her head is small, her face is oval-shaped and flat. Her forehead is narrow and her big nose is sticking out. Her eyes are marked as round depressions and her mouth is a small crack. Around her short neck are incisions in relief imitating a twisted necklace. Her breast is decorated with an ornament of horizontal bead strings. The cloak covering the woman’s shoulders and back is edged with furrows and grain-shaped patterns symbolizing water and wheat. Suchstatuettes were used in some rituals for magic or damnation.

Collection : Archaeological collection

Exposition : The Middle Bronze Age 23rd – 15th cc. BC, The Late Bronze Age 15th – 11th cc. BC

Period : Late Bronze and early Iron Age

Era : 13th-12th centuries BC

Location : Armavir

Place : Metsamor

Material : Clay

Inventar # : 2233-84