Winged cross

The three-dimensional sculpture of the cross presents the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christ, nude and standing upright, is nailed on the logs. His hair is spread over the shoulders, His cheeks and chin are covered with a beard and His arms are horizontally spread. His eyes are open without an expression of pain and supplication towards those who surround him. These details are characteristic features of the old period cross-stones, called Amenaprikich (Saviour of All). Christ’s hands, feet and chest are nailed. Under the feet of Jesus is Adam’s symbolic sepulchre, on which, according to tradition, the cross-rod was raised. Adam is nimbed. The arm-ends of the cross are decorated with reliefs of crosses. The cross is bordered with an inscription a fragment of which reads from right to left: “This is the saviour of the world and hope of the believers, in worship remember priest Karapet in your prayers. äÔº = 1448, Grigor Kazmogh”.

Collection : Archaeological collection

Exposition :

Period : Middle Ages

Era :

Location : Gegharkunik

Place : Sevan

Material : Stone

Inventar # : 1658