The woman-shaped vessel, with a face, has  handles that rest  on the upper part of the belly.  The woman’s nose is onlaid, her eyes and mouth are made of pieces of faience. The two strings of her necklace, her belt and her arms are incrusted with pieces of faience.  In the centre of the body is a big round opening.  A family stored salt supplies of several months in such salt jars. Collection : Ethnographic collection Exposition : Armenian Applied Art 15th – 17th cc. Period : Middle Ages Era : l [...]

The statuette represents a deity patronizing fertility. She is shown sitting with her gaze fixed upwards. Her head is small, her face is oval-shaped and flat. Her forehead is narrow and her big nose is sticking out. Her eyes are marked as round depressions and her mouth is a small crack. Around her short neck are incisions in relief imitating a twisted necklace. Her breast is decorated with an ornament of horizontal bead strings. The cloak covering the woman’s shoulders and back is edged with fu [...]