Notes and Coins of the Republic of Armenia in 1993-2023

The History Museum of Armenia hosted Nune Teryan, Coordinator of the Currency Issue and Numismatics Centre of the Financial Markets Department of the Central Bank of Armenia, and Anzhela Gevorgyan, specialist of the same centre, who conducted a lecture on “Notes and Coins of the Republic of Armenia in 1993-2023”. The speakers presented the 30-year journey of the […]

“Source Study Value of the Coin” international conference

On June 9, took place an international conference “Source Study Value of the Coin” was launched at the History Museum of Armenia, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the issue of the national currency of the Republic of Armenia, the dram. Davit Poghosyan, Director of the History Museum of Armenia, Astghik Marabyan, Head of the […]

Metsamor city district as a burial ground

The History Museum of Armenia hosted a lecture entitled “Metsamor city district as a burial ground: the results of the preliminary study of archaeoanthropological materials,” which was conducted by Hasmik Simonyan, researcher of the IAE NAS RA, curator of the anthropology collection of the “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum-Reservations” NCSO. […]

The Process of RA Independence

In the History Museum of Armenia, a speech was held on the topic “The Process of Independence of the Republic of Armenia”, which was conducted by Seda Galstyan, the head of the Museum’s Modern History Department. Within the framework of the lecture, the museum hosted the statesman Aram Manukyan, who personally read the Declaration of […]


The Nobel Prize winner Artem Patapoutian donated his prize to History Museum of Armenia

We are pleased to announce that the History Museum of Armenia hosted the first Armenian Nobel Laureate, renowned representative of the field of medicine, molecular biologist, neurologist Artem Pataputyan, who presented his award to the History Museum of Armenia. The 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to the scientist for discovery of temperature and […]


Valuable collection, excavated from the Shengavit site

On March 24, the History Museum of Armenia hosted Phoenix Sardaryan and  Artashes Sargsyan, who donated the valuable collection, excavated from the Shengavit site by the merited archaeologist Sandro Sardaryan. These unique finds of 170 items (statuettes of stone and clay, bronze ornaments, tools of bone and obsidian, fibulas, etc.) will help re-evaluate the unique heritage […]


Honour and Right

On October 25, we had the honour of receiving a symbolic sword from the hand of Major-General Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, one of the victorious generals of our time, the hero of Artsakh and legendary commander. Another sword given to the general by his military friend was added to the Armenian generals’ victorious swords displayed at the […]


Armenia in the 2600-year-old maps and Azerbaijan – ?

Armenian geographer and cartographer Ruben Galichyan delivered a lecture at the History Museum of Armenia on October 17. The country called “Armenia” existed in all maps by foreign cartographers since the 6th century BC. Despite the fact that for six-seven centuries Armenia had lost its independence as a state, its name is seen in all […]


General Andranik: consolidation of Armenians and unification of Armenian lands

At the History Museum of Armenia, on October 10, the director of the Charents Museum of Literature and Arts, writer, literary critic and Candidate of Philological Sciences Karo Vardanyan delivered a lecture, presenting the last period of the activities of General Andranik from 1918 to 1919, comparing it with the current situation. All proceeds from […]


Honour and right

On October 6, the History Museum of Armenia presented an exhibition dedicated to the heroes-soldiers of the Armenian Army. The swords of Andranik and other heroes, who participated in the liberation of the Armenian people, will be exhibited. These winning swords from various battles will give their accumulated strength to our young people, will further […]