Republic of Artsakh: parallels from the past to the future

On October 31, at the History Museum of Armeniat, Doctor of Historical Sciences Ashot Nersisyan, Professor of YSU Chair of Armenian History, delivered a lecture at the “Honour and Right” Hall, which exhibits the victorious swords of Armenian military leaders. The topic of the lecture was very actual, dedicated to the present-day heroical battles of […]

Honour and Right

On October 25, we had the honour of receiving a symbolic sword from the hand of Major-General Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, one of the victorious generals of our time, the hero of Artsakh and legendary commander. Another sword given to the general by his military friend was added to the Armenian generals’ victorious swords displayed at the […]

Commandos: thoughts from the front, yesterday and today

On October 24, a meeting with the legend of the Artsakh liberation war, the commander of the Artsakh self-defense forces, Major General Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan (Commandos), was held at the History Museum of Armenia, where the legendary commander shared his thoughts on the Artsakh liberation war and kindly answered the questions of those present.

Armenia in the 2600-year-old maps and Azerbaijan – ?

Armenian geographer and cartographer Ruben Galichyan delivered a lecture at the History Museum of Armenia on October 17. The country called “Armenia” existed in all maps by foreign cartographers since the 6th century BC. Despite the fact that for six-seven centuries Armenia had lost its independence as a state, its name is seen in all […]

General Andranik: consolidation of Armenians and unification of Armenian lands

At the History Museum of Armenia, on October 10, the director of the Charents Museum of Literature and Arts, writer, literary critic and Candidate of Philological Sciences Karo Vardanyan delivered a lecture, presenting the last period of the activities of General Andranik from 1918 to 1919, comparing it with the current situation. All proceeds from […]


On October 6, the History Museum of Armenia presented an exhibition dedicated to the heroes-soldiers of the Armenian Army. The swords of Andranik and other heroes, who participated in the liberation of the Armenian people, will be exhibited. These winning swords from various battles will give their accumulated strength to our young people, will further […]

Captain Karen Balayan on Armenian navigation

On September 25, Karen Balayan, president of the “Ayas” Marine Research Club and captain of the “Cilicia” sailboat, spoke at the History Museum of Armenia about one of the most interesting navigational devices in ancient times, the astrolabe. According to scientists, the astrolabe was invented by the ancient Greeks. Being actively involved in international trade, […]

Echo of History: On the Eve of September 21

The original document of the Declaration of Independence is kept at the History Museum of Armenia and presented in the hall of the Third Republic of Armenia, where state and political figure Aram Manukyan was invited on September 19. Twenty-nine years ago, he solemnly read out the text of the Declaration. In this symbolic place, […]


Some questions in the history of the Armenian people are still unclear, as it is almost impossible to get answers only based on historical sources. Advances in molecular genetic technology of recent years enabled to clarify numerous events for historians, archaeologists and anthropologists. On September 18, anthropologist Levon Yepiskoposyan, professor at the Institute of Molecular […]

Gegharot Necklace

On September 12, at the History Museum of Armenia, archaeologist Ruben Badalyan (PHD in Historical Sciences) presented a lecture on the unique specimen of decorative art, which belongs to the Early Bronze Age culture of Armenia, and is kept in the archeological collection of the Museum. The necklace was found by Ruben Badalyan during the […]