The Virgin and Child are presented in frontal view on the west face, in the iconographic principle of Hodegetria.  Framing her face, the folds of her veil come down and cover her body.  Her right hand raised from under the cover is placed on the Child’s knee.  The Infant Christ is shown [...]

The narrative scenes of the “Three Adolescents in the Fiery Furnace” and “Daniel in the Den of Lions” are respectively depicted on the four faces and the base of the stela. In the center of the main, west face of the base is the figure of Daniel in praying attitude (orant), standing upri [...]

The scene is carved on three separate slabs of the south façade of the church of Spitakavor (White Virgin).  On the left-hand slab, a young rider, armed with a bow, shoots an arrow at a deer.  The horse moves forward, and the rider is depicted turned towards the deer.  On the right-hand [...]

This three-dimensional sculpture of a cross has extended vertical arms (one horizontal arm is missing). Rich acanthus scrolls, symbolizing growth of the cross, emerge from the base and reach the horizontal arm. The arms of the cross terminate in double circular frames, resembling gemston [...]

The woman-shaped vessel, with a face, has  handles that rest  on the upper part of the belly.  The woman’s nose is onlaid, her eyes and mouth are made of pieces of faience. The two strings of her necklace, her belt and her arms are incrusted with pieces of faience.  In the centre of the [...]

The Kiurikian Kingdom in Lori, Kiurike II 1(048-1089), follis, weight: 6.53 gm, HMA 14106; a. The bust of Jesus Christ, b. + LORD HELP KIURIKE CUROPALATUS Collection : Numismatic collection Exposition : Period : Middle Ages Era : Location : Place : Material : Copper Inventar # : 14106

The three-dimensional sculpture of the cross presents the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Christ, nude and standing upright, is nailed on the logs. His hair is spread over the shoulders, His cheeks and chin are covered with a beard and His arms are horizontally spread. His eyes are open wit [...]